Meet Chef Jon

If you have visited the Monogram Design Center in Chicago at the city’s historic Merchandise Mart, then you might have been lucky enough to see our very own chef in action. Or even taste some of his delicious creations! The exceptional performance possibilities of Monogram appliances are brought to light by Chef Jon Liddell as he prepares meals and appetizers in the center’s beautifully appointed live kitchens. We interviewed Chef Jon to learn a little more about his background as a chef and his thoughts on Monogram appliances.



SRFD: Tell us about your background as a chef.

Chef Jon: I grew up hunting and fishing in a small Michigan town where I truly found my passion for cooking. After culinary school in Grand Rapids, I started working as a private chef in the US Virgin Islands (St. Thomas). I worked with upscale clientele in these beautiful multi-million dollar villas by providing various wine pairings and food demonstrations. That’s when I started to alter my culinary career; I took the step from just being a chef behind the scenes cooking to a chef in front of people demonstrating how to cook.

SRFD: How did you end up at the Monogram Design Center in Chicago?

Chef Jon: After meeting a beautiful Irish girl from the south side, she convinced me to move back to her home town: Chicago, Illinois. With my experience dealing with high end homes in St. Thomas, joining the Monogram team felt like the perfect fit to merge my understanding of high end appliances and love for sharing my farm to table cuisine with consumers.

SRFD: What is your cooking philosophy?

Chef Jon: Simplicity speaks volumes- each ingredient has a voice in the meal you prepare and should be showcased to their full potential.

SRFD: What’s always in your fridge at home?

Chef Jon: I feel like I always have some fresh pasta that can be ready at a moment’s notice. Oh, and Meyer lemons.

SRFD: What have you learned from working at the Chicago Monogram Design Center?

Chef Jon: I’ve learned to appreciate the manufacturing and sturdiness behind the Monogram appliances. Coming from a commercial background, I needed my appliances to be able to take a beating since I believe the appliances should change to work with your cooking style, not the other way around. I’ve cooked for more designers in the last three years than I ever thought, which really allowed me to appreciate the appliances visually. I now recognize how the aesthetic of appliances are just as important the as the functionality and Monogram does both without a doubt.


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