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Culinary Power Couple Create Ocean-view Kitchen of their Dreams

The brilliant, calming colors of the ocean with a splash of Italian elegance. That was the inspiration for the home that Chef James Briscione and his wife and business partner, Brooke Parkhurst, imagined they would build when they moved their family from cramped quarters in the city to their hometown of Pensacola, Fla. “We started our lives together in New…

The 2021 Southern Living Idea House: Redefining “Home”

The famous line “there’s no place like home” took on new meaning as families hunkered down in their houses to stay healthy during the pandemic. In many ways, the experience has transformed our relationship with home, a place where versatility and comfort are more important than ever.  This newfound appreciation of “home” and all the ways it can serve a…

A Perfect Pairing: Home Cooking with Red Stick Spice Company and Monogram

“We believe in home cooks.” That’s the message visitors find on the Red Stick Spice Company’s website, prominently displayed on the homepage in all caps. It’s also the message they hear from its owner, Anne Milneck, a trained chef, host of the cooking podcast Smidgen, and true believer that home cooking is “key to happiness and health.” Problem is, the…

Designing for Smaller Kitchens more Versatile with Monogram

Tired of traditional luxury brands and eager to try something new, Nantucket designer finds options, innovation, and luxurious details with Monogram. New construction is hard to come by on the charming island of Nantucket, where a commitment to historic preservation is alive and well. So when Melanie Gowen, a Nantucket-based designer and real estate agent, was offered the opportunity to…

Northern Light

When Amy Matthews first visited the St. Croix River Valley farmstead, she was overcome with the feeling: this is home. “The property itself was just stunning, because of how it’s nestled in this valley,” says Matthews. “It’s really magical.” Located about 30 minutes outside her hometown of Minneapolis, it was still close to family and friends, yet remote enough to…

A Florida Kosher Kitchen for Entertaining

Rochelle Flug and Eva Staiman of EVRO Interiors have been designing kosher kitchens for more than 35 years. When they were hired to redesign this Southeast Florida kitchen, the client wanted her dream kitchen with plenty of room for hosting – from weekly Sabbath dinners to frequent parties.

“The client desired an elegant and traditional tone, while still having the aesthetics reflect the 21st century,” says Flug. “When we married those styles together, I like to call the result 21st Century Updated Transitional.”

The design process started with the countertops. The client found a quartzite slab with a vein of light purple. This inspired the deep purple island.

“We used a light gray as the neutral in this space, because the client has many different colored tablecloths and textiles she uses when entertaining,” says Flug. “This backdrop allowed her the option to add the color she desired through décor and floral arrangements.” The design team used mirror-front cabinets that give the visual illusion of open shelving, without exposing the cabinet’s contents.

When it comes to kosher kitchens, functionality is key. Given that there are two of each appliance, the space must be maximized and beautifully appealing.

“Monogram ovens are our No. 1 choice when designing a kitchen,” says Staiman. “Not only does the remote-enabled option allow for easy accessibility when away from the home, my clients love being able to leave the racks inside during the self-clean mode. Monogram is a natural favorite.”