A Modern Industrial Farmhouse in the Hamptons

An award-winning kitchen and bath designer, Toni Sabatino refers to kitchens as the theatre in the home. That’s where the chef can take center stage and all the entertaining takes place. When Sabatino was hired to design a seven-bedroom, eight-bathroom spec home in the Hamptons, she knew the kitchen would be the shining star.

“My philosophy is that kitchens should either be hidden in plain sight or be an embellished nod to a restaurant kitchen. Regardless of approach, it is important to keep in mind that the kitchen is part of the home, so the design should reflect the rest of the home and should have a cohesive flow,” she says.

Alongside the builder, JLC Builders, Sabatino extensively researched what sells in the Hamptons. A modern approach with an unexpected twist, coupled with an elevated kitchen, fit her findings as a winning combination.

She explains, “My goal was to create an interior that illustrated a luxurious lifestyle. We know that a young modern family enjoys entertaining and desires to eat freshly prepared foods at home, so the appliance choices were a large part of adding that luxury at a good price point.”

Sabatino utilized a Hearth Oven in this project, because she had used them in previous kitchens and knew that would be appealing to buyers. With only one window in the kitchen, antique mirror tiles were used as a reflective backsplash to brighten the space. Fresh white walls, countertops, and cabinets reflected a true farmhouse style, while keeping the focus on the appliances.

The understated elegance of this 7,750-square-foot house evolved as the perfect design approach. The spec home recently sold for an undisclosed amount of over $4 million.

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