From Clothing to Kitchens

When the California native moved to Georgia, her background in fashion found a future in interior design.

Designing custom evening wear for her clients brought a complex joy to Niki Papadopoulos. Everyone was invested in the outcome.

Niki found she liked working with clients on something that “takes time and is a little emotional.”

Searching for something to fulfill that balance of time and passion after a move to Georgia, Niki attended American Intercontinental University to study fashion design but changed to study interior design. She discovered the market for custom bridal and evening wear wasn’t as robust as California. “I needed to find another creative outlet,” says Niki. Today she is the lead interior designer and part owner at Mark Williams Design in Atlanta and a member of Monogram Designer Council.

“Beyond any other brand, I don’t know anyone who really listens to designers the way Monogram does,” she says. Niki feels strongly about being part of the conversation around creative finishes. “I’ve always advocated for experimenting with different finish options in the kitchen,” she says. “It’s not just stainless steel, wood, and marble countertops. It’s so far beyond that now.” Finishes like brass on the Monogram Statement Collection will take the design game to the next level she says.

Kitchen designed by Niki Papadopoulos

Niki is known for her custom kitchen designs where she believes function and beauty coexist. This coexistence fits with Niki’s malleable style, as she describes it, which keeps her design process from being “formulaic and static.” The designs she creates for her clients should make them feel as comfortable as they would be in their own clothes.

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