Designer profile: Carrie Boesch

The GE Monogram Experience Center brings designers to Louisville, Kentucky, for three-day experiences to learn about Monogram, the design process, our appliances – and even cook with them! We interviewed each designer to learn a little more about their background and design experiences.

Today’s profile highlights Carrie Boesch with C. Boesch Design in Sacramento, California.


Carrie Boesch, recent designer attendee at the GE Monogram Experience Center in Louisville, Kentucky

Carrie Boesch, recent designer attendee at the GE Monogram Experience Center in Louisville, Kentucky


SRFD: How did you become interested in design?

Carrie: I’ve been involved in design of some form my entire life. My Great Grandfather was an accomplished architect, and that coupled with living in France for four years inspired my direction in design. My career has taken me through Architecture, Commercial and Residential Interior Design, Textile and Children’s Clothing Design and now back into a Kitchen and Bath Design specialization. After 10 years of working in the Design-Build industry in the San Francisco Bay Area, a move to the Sacramento area has allowed me to establish C. Boesch Design.

SRFD: Tell us about a recent project you really enjoyed.

Carrie: I’ve had many projects lately that have been enjoyably creative, however the most exciting one was an appliance showroom vignette renovation. To have complete creative license with new-to-the-market, high end appliances and materials was very refreshing.

SRFD: A trend you’re over?

Carrie: I feel that glass tile mosaics have been over used, especially those with iridescent colors. I have stopped specifying them in both kitchens and baths, and am trending more towards elegant, natural materials.

SRFD: A trend you’re excited about?

Carrie: I am really excited about designing kitchens that are placed in the middle of a space. As the heart of the home, it needs to be surrounded and pulled out from the corner. In an effort to create seamless spaces, I am also looking forward to specifying larger format tiles, flush installed appliances and more contemporary cabinetry.

SRFD: What did you learn in Louisville?

Carrie: I learned so much while in Louisville, especially about the intricacies of the Monogram line.  I loved seeing a 3-D printer in action, learning about the new products still in the planning stages and absolutely love the Advantium speed oven and pro duel-fuel ranges.

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