Monogram Appliances Recognized for Logo Design

Recently Best Designs recognized Monogram Appliances for the brand’s new mark launched in early 2020. According to Best Designs, the logo’s minimalist and classy design modernizes the traditionally-oriented appliance niche market.

As defined by Monogram, the mark is a blend of elegance, confidence and artfulness that truly represents the brand. The brand colors then work together in combination with the logo to create a visual identity that evokes a feeling of superiority and class. The simplistic nature of Charcoal, White and Slate combined with the warm, elevated hues of Sandstone and Metallic Brass create an overall palette that works effortlessly in stylistic harmony.

Classic. Timeless. Luxurious. Through passion and precision, we are redefining the world of luxury appliances one detail at a time.

Read the full piece from Best Designs here.

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