D Day. Demolition Day. You know it’s about to start when you look out your window and see two, three, maybe even four men in your driveway, all wielding sledge hammers. This is the signal that it’s time for you to leave.

Picture of kitchen demolition

Photo from Badger Pro Construction

Do not stay home while the physical demolition is happening to your project. Nothing sounds louder and scarier than the sound of your home being bludgeoned by big, burly strangers swinging hammers at walls, floors, and whatever else was remaining to be removed. It is too painful to watch, and if you choose to listen, your imagination will run wild: “Was that a pipe I just heard burst? Were those cracks in my ceiling before?” Oh the horror of it all.


Photo from All Those Details


Instead, chose to make D-Day more of a Me-Day. Go get a great latte and read all the papers at your local coffee shop. Have a long lunch with your Designer and review all the selections you’ve made for your project. Go peruse your favorite shops and start to select any new accessories you will need. Good design takes time. Use D-Day as the perfect time to check off some of those To-Do items on your project list or just use it as the time to stay sane during a very insane time.

  One thought on “D-Day

  1. June 26, 2014 at 7:45 am

    D-Day – that’s funny.
    But for many people D-Day is really S-Day , Stress Day :))

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