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Monogram Kitchen Remodel with Siobhan and Jody Young

Christina Dragota, lead product specialist in the Monogram Design Center in Chicago, talked with homeowners Siobhan and Jody Young about their recent kitchen remodel, why they chose Monogram appliances, and what they learned during the process.

Siobhan's Kitchen

Why did you decide to remodel your kitchen? 

We were very unhappy with the overall layout of our old kitchen. It was dated and very dysfunctional. We had large areas that were tremendous wastes of space. We also greatly disliked all of our white, outdated appliances.

Tell us about your design process for the kitchen.

Initially we went to a cabinet company to do our layout. Because of the strange shape of our kitchen it presented many challenges. Finally, my husband who is s structural engineer, decided to lay it out himself. We knew we wanted to maximize the space and wanted a design that was functional with our three kids. We needed storage, display area, and wanted to increase the value of our home with a gourmet kitchen. I knew I really wanted white somewhat traditional cabinets that would last the test of time. We knew that we wanted stainless steel appliances with an industrial look. Mostly we wanted a beautiful kitchen that would be the focal point of our very lived in home.

Why Monogram appliances?

We were attracted to Monogram appliances when we visited Chicago at Easter time. We went to the GE showroom and met with Christina who showed us the functional features and industrial gourmet look we wanted. I was most impressed with the induction cooktop especially with the speed and evenness of cooking. The Advantium oven was also another huge seller. I needed the bonus of additional oven and the functionality of a microwave and toaster all in one.  My husband was sold on the 48” refrigerator, it was enormous and absolutely amazing looking. It became the focal point of our pantry wall very quickly!

Siobhan's Kitchen3

Which appliance are you most excited about?

The Advantium!

Siobhan's Kitchen2

What would you have done differently with the remodel?

In the remodel, the only thing I would have done differently would be to add a wine cooler to the pantry wall. We are avid wine drinkers but struggle with getting the perfect temperature in both reds and whites. Currently, we are undertaking a remodel in our laundry room (our final downstairs project) and are exploring adding a wine cooler in there. A Monogram cooler is on our wish list.

Monogram Dream Kitchen Contest Winner: Tony Crosby

The Monogram Dream Kitchen Design Contest was created to celebrate the imagination and creative vision inherent in beautiful kitchen design. All designs were required to integrate Monogram appliances and were judged across several award categories. We announced the winners last year and will be profiling each of them on Save Room for Design over the next few months.

The third place winner in Best Transitional Kitchen Design is Tony Crosby from Tony Crosby Kitchens in Blairsville, Georgia.

Tony Crosby, third place winner in the Best Transitional Kitchen Design category of the Monogram Dream Kitchen Design Contest

Tony Crosby, third place winner in the Best Transitional Kitchen Design category of the Monogram Dream Kitchen Design Contest

SRFD: How did you become interested in design?

Tony: I think I have always had a design bug in me. Even as a young boy, I was always rearranging my room. I think it is something that is born into you.

SRFD: Tell us about a recent project you really enjoyed.

Tony: I especially love designing spaces for young couples newly married, or with just young children. One in particular, they are recently married and purchased their first house. We did a total renovation on the kitchen and bar space. She gave me a lot of freedom and I pulled ideas from her and designed a kitchen they will grow into with their family.

SRFD: A trend you’re over?

Tony: White.

SRFD: A trend you’re excited about?

Tony: The past five or seven years the trend has been an eclectic look. Which basically is mixing whatever makes you comfortable and happy. I believe it is here to stay.

SRFD: Tell us about your winning project.

Tony: Going into the project, I was working with an engineer who was one part of the marriage. Her husband was a perfectionist as well. I had just returned from the National Kitchen and Bath Show, so I was very excited about incorporating some of the new kitchen and bath accessories. It also was a complete renovation of the kitchen, down to the studs. An engineered beam had to be installed to hold the second floor, because we removed a load-bearing wall to open up the kitchen to a 180 degree view of the lake. We incorporated a dining table out of eight quarter cherry and married it to the Cambria countertops. We also used all Monogram appliances throughout the whole kitchen. With the help of Kelly and Charlie, we pulled off a wonderful kitchen for entertaining family and friends for years to come.

pic_0004_anthony crosby