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Buckets and Pails

By Michelle Abell, Training Manager at the Monogram Experience Center in Louisville, Kentucky

We recently visited the beautiful Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill in Kentucky. While wondering through one of the old homes, taking in the history we came across a man making buckets and brooms. He told us the Shakers had been known for their quality handcrafted goods.


He also gave us history lesson on the difference between a bucket and a pail. Who knew there was a difference???

Look closely at the photo below. The bucket is on the left. The pail is on the right. Can you see a difference?


The bucket has a wide mouth which is great for holding, capturing and doing task work like mopping. The pail is slightly tapered at the top to hold things in which make it better for carrying liquids. Must be why we grew up hearing “to fetch a pail of water.”