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Monogram Modern Home in Portland April 25 & 26

Join us on a cross-country modern design road trip with Dwell. First destination, Portland, Oregon!

04-23-15_Monogram_InstagramPost-1What’s happening in Portland this weekend? Dwell and Monogram recognize Portland for its culture and community of makers, visionaries and craftsmen. It’s the perfect location to kick off our tour.

We will be popping up the Monogram Modern Home directly adjacent to Rejuvenation (1100 SE Grand Ave, Portland, OR, 97214) , one of our favorite local spots in what we are affectionately calling the “Design District.”

On Saturday, April 25th, the home will host a series of Continuing Education Units. Check out the details and sign up here!

On Sunday, April 26th, we will be open all day to the public while teaming up with Rejuvenation to support their Sunday Emporium, continuing the celebration and recognition of craftsmen in Portland who are creating inspired designs. Plus, you will have the chance to enter to win a Monogram wine reserve if you stop by.

A full schedule of events is listed here. Sign up for CEUs, join us at the open house and follow us on social media for surprise – yet to be announced – events and giveaways.

See you soon, Portland!

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Crafting the Monogram French door refrigerator

As Michael Mahan mentioned in his post about Monogram’s focus on craftsmanship, sophisticated styling and exceptional craftsmanship truly set Monogram apart from all other appliance brands. The development and manufacturing process is unique, and allows each individual to play a key role. Watch this video to learn how the Monogram French door refrigerator is not your average appliance from an automated factory. It was put together purposefully: for you, for your kitchen, for your home.

Learn more about the Monogram French door refrigerator here.


Dwell and Monogram team up to take modern across America

Visiting a showroom, browsing the Internet, and flipping through beloved design magazines are all great avenues to find new appliances and compare models and features side-by-side. With Dwell’s 11 platforms, however, the experience of exploring the latest in modern design extends far beyond dog-eared pages and bookmarked search engine results. Understanding that design-savvy consumers and industry professionals can quickly become inundated with information about designing the hub of the modern home—the kitchen—Dwell and Monogram are bringing the experience to life through the Monogram Modern Home.

mainhub-header-cap-rightOne of the leaders in prefab construction, Method Homes, partnered with Dwell and Monogram to build a custom 1,100-square-foot home to showcase the craftsmanship and innovative features of Monogram’s newest and most popular high-end appliances. Over the course of six months, the Monogram Modern Home will travel to key markets where Dwell and Monogram will host influencer events, consumer tours with product demos, and continuing education opportunities for the trade audience.

The event series kicks off in Portland in April, and will travel to a new city each month—including Los Angeles for Dwell on Design in May and then on to Phoenix, Dallas and Austin—before concluding the cross-country tour in Boston in September. Known for superior design, Monogram appliances are manufactured with high-quality materials and are innovative and intuitive—always with the consumer’s myriad needs in mind.

Join us on our journey and see when and where we’ll be stopping near you!


The Monogram Craftsmanship Story

“Sophisticated styling and exceptional craftsmanship set Monogram apart from all other appliance brands. We don’t cut corners. We polish them to seamless perfection.”

This year Monogram decided to let you peek behind the curtain to learn more about their design and manufacturing processes … telling the story of the craftsmen (and women) whose minds and hands bring these unique appliances to life.

The story behind all Monogram refrigerators is just one example. Each Monogram refrigerator is constructed by expert craftsmen, with painstaking attention to detail. The Monogram team interviewed individuals integrally involved in the building and design of these refrigerators, from Louisville, Kentucky, to Selmer, Tennessee.

“I know the work is done when the edges are smooth and clean. Of all the jobs I’ve had in this factory, this one is my favorite. I like the flow of it.” – Thomas Crewse, stainless steel welder

“I wanted the owner to know right away, before even touching it, that this fridge was made from quality materials.” – Sally Pipkin, industrial designer

“My father was an engineer, and I’m following in his footsteps. I’m inspired when I see a product I worked on in people’s homes.” – Dave Schofield, design manager

Built by hand in the heart of America using glass and metals, the Monogram French Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerator is the embodiment of artistry and workmanship. Follow along on www.monogram.com over the next few months to hear more stories about the men and women responsible for crafting the Monogram appliances destined for your home.