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Designing for Smaller Kitchens more Versatile with Monogram

Tired of traditional luxury brands and eager to try something new, Nantucket designer finds options, innovation, and luxurious details with Monogram. New construction is hard to come by on the charming island of Nantucket, where a commitment to historic preservation is alive and well. So when Melanie Gowen, a Nantucket-based designer and real estate agent, was offered the opportunity to…

Northern Light

When Amy Matthews first visited the St. Croix River Valley farmstead, she was overcome with the feeling: this is home. “The property itself was just stunning, because of how it’s nestled in this valley,” says Matthews. “It’s really magical.” Located about 30 minutes outside her hometown of Minneapolis, it was still close to family and friends, yet remote enough to…

Monogram Designer Collective at Aitoro Appliance Announced

We are excited to announce the members of the newly created Monogram Designer Collective, through the Monogram Design Center at Aitoro Appliance in Norwalk, Connecticut. Aitoro Appliance is a family-owned and operated business that initiated out of happenstance and was lovingly grown into an established, community-focused company. Thirteen Connecticut-based designers and architects were selected to join the group to help increase brand awareness, product knowledge, and drive engagement with designers, architects, and other industry influencers who impact the luxury appliance buying decision.