Author: Valinda

Monogram Designer Summit: Excitement in the Air!

What happens when 55 Designers are put in a room with 25 GE Industrial Designers, Marketers and Product Managers? What could have been a clash of creative right brains with corporate left brains ended up being a collaboration of excitement, energy and imagination!


The first ever Monogram Designer Summit was an action packed adventure to look towards the near future of high end appliances. What will the homes look like? Who will be the consumers? What functionality should the appliances have?

The answers were as varied as the personalities in the room, but all agreed that the next ten years will see a morphing of multi-generational people wanting multi-functionality from their appliances. There was one camp that suggested that there needs to be a new word to replace “Kitchen” since that room is truly the “Living Room” of the house.


And what about using one’s smartphone to operate and manage all the household appliances? This was a hot topic that seemed very polarizing on Yes or No … and don’t stereotype that the older generations are the ones not wanting to adapt to this.

The overall message: One size will certainly NOT fit all; customization, in various forms and functions, is going to be needed.


Blue Ocean Traders: For the Trade and also the very curious!

A friend’s new job led us on a fun field trip to Blue Ocean Traders. Located in an old bread factory in Louisville, Kentucky; it is 100,000 square feet of curiosity and the unexpected, and all available For The Trade.

Photo1It’s hard to explain all that Blue Ocean has to offer, so I’ll quote their website: “Blue Ocean Traders specializes in the importing of the finest antiques and reproductions for home and garden. We are a trade only, wholesale source open to all types of retailers and interior designers. Whether you are looking to add variety to your store, or want that special something to accentuate your client’s decor, Blue Ocean Traders can help.”

Photo2Think American vintage furniture and accessories or one of a kind pieces from Europe, Asia or Egypt. There are rooms devoted to British war collectables or a whole area of nothing but antique rolled maps. Not only does Blue Ocean Traders work with Designers and Retailers, but they are also a source for television / movie studio props and commercial-themed restaurants and attractions. Need an Asian fisherman’s hut? They’ve got one.

Photo3 Photo4You can find Blue Ocean Traders at the four major American furniture markets in Atlanta, Las Vegas, New York, and High Point or at their warehouse in Louisville Kentucky. For more information, visit their website.