Designing for Smaller Kitchens more Versatile with Monogram

Tired of traditional luxury brands and eager to try something new, Nantucket designer finds options, innovation, and luxurious details with Monogram.

New construction is hard to come by on the charming island of Nantucket, where a commitment to historic preservation is alive and well. So when Melanie Gowen, a Nantucket-based designer and real estate agent, was offered the opportunity to design two new spec homes within walking distance to Main Street, she didn’t hesitate.

“It’s exciting to be on a project from the ground up,” says Melanie, of Melanie Gowen Real Estate + Design.

The owner had purchased the Nantucket property, leveled a run-down ranch and subdivided the lot, allowing for two new homes to be built. Having perused Monogram’s display at San Francisco Design Week, and walking away thoroughly impressed with both its aesthetic and functionality, Melanie pushed for using the appliance line in both homes.

Watch Melanie describe it now! Nantucket Beach Home Featuring Monogram

Michael Lucas Photography

“People underestimate the role appliances play in interior design as well as the experiences people have with appliances,” Melanie says. “Appliances are necessary and from a design standpoint, they can look beautiful and integrate. That enhances and supports the owner experience.”

Unfortunately, the owner, who was also the architect, had already committed to using another luxury appliance brands in the first home. Disappointed but undeterred, Melanie, continued lobbying for Monogram in the second home—and she was prepared to prove her point with handpicked selections.

She provided pictures. She sent links. She polled real estate brokers. And while Melanie was busy collecting evidence, she got some good news – the owners had decided on Monogram on their own. With that settled, Melanie got to work, selecting a full suite of Monogram Statement appliances. She chose the 24” Integrated Column Refrigerator and the 18” Smart Integrated Column Freezer, both panel-ready to integrate seamlessly into the cabinetry. A 36” Dual-Fuel Professional Range with four burners and grill, with a coordinating 36” Professional Hood in stainless steel, allows the owners to whip up five-star meals for family and guests.  A fully integrated dishwasher – panel ready rounds out the primary appliance suite.

For Melanie, 30” Smart Flush Hearth Oven, tucked into the butler’s pantry, is a gamechanger for residents on the island, where there are no chain pizza restaurants. The beauty of the oven, combined with the performance, is something that appeals to everyone.

“This is real pizza, done right,” says Melanie whose knows a little about good pizza from her time living in Italy. “You can impress your friends with gourmet pizza—on demand.”

Michael Lucas Photography

The flexibility in dimensions of Monogram appliances also gave Melanie the freedom to maximize every inch of space. Living on an island doesn’t allow for sprawling kitchens. Monogram’s integrated column refrigerators and freezer allowed Melanie to choose an unusual size that perfectly fit the appliances into the kitchen’s design.

“Most of my projects are centered on getting creative with small space solutions and maximizing small spaces,” says Melanie. “With the flexibility Monogram provides, different sizes in ranges and column refrigerators, it has anticipated every need we have as a designer,” she says.

With versatility as a pro from a design standpoint, the experience the homeowners will have with the appliances also excites Melanie.

“The interior of the refrigerator is beautifully lit, the range has a soft close and a touch glide rack, there is a precision to the burners I haven’t seen before,” says Melanie. “You really can’t simply talk about it. People must see them and experience them. Once you’ve converted someone to Monogram, you’re a believer.”  

Michael Lucas Photography

  One thought on “Designing for Smaller Kitchens more Versatile with Monogram

  1. August 19, 2021 at 1:05 am

    This is so inspiring! Exactly what I need in my vintage cottage-style kitchen in the Magic capital of the world! We are sleight of space! (And seight of hand!)

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