The Eclectic, Transitional, Inspired Family Home

The Cullens are an eclectic family, so Miranda Cullen knew right away that her new home would be eclectic as well.

With two adopted children and a love for art, the principal and co-founder of Duet Design Group and her husband wanted each piece of their home to feel like the perfect representation of their family. Their semi-custom home, located in the Sterling Ranch suburb of Littleton, Colo., is a blend of investment art pieces, hand-picked furniture and fabric, and unique items from their life.

“For me it was about selecting items that tell the story of our family,” says Miranda, a member of the Monogram Designer Council. “The inspiration was eclectic and what we were putting into the house speaks that. Our front living room area is full of art pieces we’ve acquired since we got married. Not all of them are investment pieces but we like to put them all randomly together – leaning on the floor, stacked and mixed.”

Eric Lucero Photography

Throughout the home, she’s sprinkled in touches of her California roots, a transitional design feel and fun wallpaper. The gem of the home is the kitchen, with an open floor plan that connects the great room, formal living room, dining room, and family room. Miranda chose two-tone cabinets in white and light gray with brass hardware, and a large 127-inch island that holds the dishwasher and sink.

On the countertops, she changed up her usual material choice: “I’m a marble kitchen lady and have been so for 20 years, but I made the jump to Caesarstone quartz and changed up the color scheme to a warmer look and feel.” A uniquely textured, thin-set white brick tile backsplash on the wall coordinates with the veined quartz in Moreland Fog. A showstopping Monogram brass hood with scallop step-up detail is highlighted by brass accents on the cabinetry and the machined metal handles on appliances from Monogram’s Statement Collection.

But it wasn’t just the aesthetics of the appliances that drew Miranda to Monogram, it was their superior functionality that works for her family.

Eric Lucero Photography

“I first learned of Monogram after one of their chefs did a happy hour for our company and created some amazing things in the hearth oven,” says Miranda. “They showcased the Advantium 5-in-1 Oven as well, and I fell in love with it. So I reached out to Monogram and made sure that those appliances would be part of our kitchen.”

And they most definitely are. Not only does the kitchen include the Advantium and 30” Smart Flush Hearth ovens, it also boasts a Monogram 48” duel fuel range, 30” Integrated Column refrigerator with Brita feature, Integrated Smart Dishwasher, and 30” Smart Convection Single Wall Oven with air fryer option.

Eric Lucero Photography

In the butler’s pantry, whose black cabinets, dark textured wallpaper and custom tile backsplash in tones of blue offer a dark and moody juxtaposition to the otherwise light house, the Monogram nugget ice maker and wine reserve stand ready to serve guests or family. 

Eric Lucero Photography

Adding to the functionality, Miranda says, is the smart technology Monogram has incorporated into the appliances. 

“I get notified if one of my kids is using the microwave, and the first time we used the hearth oven we set off the fire alarm because it was too close to the vent. I love that I know that and am able to say what works and what doesn’t,” she says. “I haven’t had a super strong knowledge base (on appliances) but now I do. It elevates everything I do as a designer.”

It’s also informed her as a designer and allowed her to better serve clients as they choose appliances for their own homes. “Monogram are innovators that still pay attention to detail – and they are really trying to educate us on the designer level. We’ve always leaned on the appliance sales people. Now, I’m understanding more about the products through lunch and learns, virtual cooking demos, and specific training,” says Miranda. “It helps to be able to speak intelligently about the brand, and feel empowered as a designer to understand those differences.”

Eric Lucero Photography

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