Marrying Style, Beauty and Technology in Monogram’s new Pasadena Showroom

Jeanne Chung has always loved attention to detail. As renowned interior designer and owner of Cozy Stylish Chic in Pasadena, CA, it’s one of her signatures. It’s also what initially drew her to Monogram.

“I travel the world and report on different trends going on – I see it all,” Jeanne says. “Monogram has always been a brand that has stood out to me for catering to the designer and homeowner with a discerning eye and taste for style.”

So, when Monogram approached her to become a Designer Council member and take the lead in designing an Experience Center in Pasadena, Jeanne was on board. Little did she know the space would evolve into not just a gorgeous showroom, but a co-working space for designers as well.

Dylan Riley Photography

“We’ve worked hard to create a space that has a perfect blend of upscale, minimalistic style, high-tech functionality and a touch of that historic home feel throughout Pasadena – not only to speak to our clients, but to our design community as well,” Jeanne says.

Monogram’s Senior Sales Area Manager Jon Krueger agrees.

“We completely revitalized the brand from top to bottom in 2020, introducing two new collections – the Minimalist Collection and Statement Collection – so obviously Jeanne’s showroom is a beautiful balance of both of those collections,” Jon says. “A lot of times you find designers that having amazing creativity, but rarely do you get a keen appreciation of technology and an understanding of what’s next. Jeanne has both, and this showroom highlights it all.”

Jeanne’s focus was to cater to designers while still keeping it relatable to the upscale consumer, marrying beauty, form and function.

Dylan Riley Photography

“For the kitchen, we wanted to compliment the dark glass front of the Monogram Minimalist Wall Oven, so we used very dark walnut with texture from slat fronts and cabinetry shelving that all compliments one another,” Jeanne says. “It’s dark, moody and sexy – not what you’re used to seeing in your average modern cooking space.”

The kitchen also boasts a 30” integrated glass front refrigerator, wine sommelier, hearth oven and 48” Dual Fuel Professional Range with custom LED accent lighting. The 20-foot statement island seats eight and houses a 6-foot sink and 36” induction cooktop in silver. The bar area took on a more traditional feel.

“In Pasadena, there are so many more historic homes, so you had to be relatable to that of course,” Jeanne says of the bar. “We incorporated a high-gloss navy blue finish with walnut and polished nickel and gave that a fresh new spin with antique glass, with very detailed interior lighting to contrast those dark colors.”

Dylan Riley Photography

The designer co-working space might be what Jeanne is most proud to highlight.

“When the other area next to the showroom came available, it was the perfect opportunity to build a co-working space so designers in the area had a place to work,” Jeanne says. “The community was really important to me when I started. Eight years ago, I did not know anyone. So, I wanted to help, especially new and graduating designers. They’ve been taught but have never stepped foot into a resource library and don’t know how that works. Now they have a space where they can do it all.”

She adds, “There are a lot of designers that work out of the home and don’t have an office, so now they can meet with clients at our working space. We also have a nice event space for industry partners and to show clients how the product works. It always means more when we can show the client products in action instead of just talk about it.”

And show clients they have, offering a space that provides hands-on training with chef-quality appliances and the best in elevated design.

“I’ve learned by always looking at the best,” Jeanne says. “When you can show your clients the best, that sets expectations. You want your client to want the best and it’s much easier to work from the top down rather than the top up.”

How does she feel about the result?

“I think we really hit the nail on the head – relatable beautiful. The more time you spend it the space, you’ll realize the amount of attention that was put into it,” she says. “I came from the fashion industry, so all these textures, colors, a little bling but not too much – it’s all a balancing act. I think we appealed to a nice broad audience but still look fresh and new. It’s perfect for the Pasadena audience, designers and consumers alike.”

We couldn’t agree more.

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