New Monogram Showrooms Incite Creativity and Conversation

Rows of refrigerators? Not here. Designers and customers immerse in true kitchen experiences at these new design centers.

Cenwood Appliance in Nashville, Tennessee

Bringing a kitchen vision to life can be challenging while standing in an appliance store crammed with rows upon rows refrigerators, ranges and dishwashers.

What will they all look like together in a kitchen? Which custom panel will work best with the bespoke cabinetry you designed? And is the hearth oven really worth it? (Oh yes, it is.)

That’s the challenge Monogram kept in mind when designing its new experience centers, which began opening across the country this year. Instead of merely displaying products, the showrooms mimic the flow and feel of an actual living space so that designers and customers can interact with the appliances in a real way.

Gerhard’s Appliances in Malvern, Pennsylvania

“We really put a lot of thought into space planning,” says Christina Reed, Custom Display Senior Manager for Monogram. “The goal is always to get as many appliances in as possible to show the breadth of product we offer, but we also want people to understand the story behind it.”

The opening of the experience showrooms follows the launch of Monogram’s newest luxury appliance lines – the Statement and Minimalist collections – in late 2019. The first showroom opened in February at Gerhard’s Appliances in Malvern, Penn., where Christina and her team designed a fully-functional kitchen with 34 appliances that not only work but show customers what they might look like in their own homes. Regular events and cooking demos allow customers and designers to see the appliances in action, as well as how they work aesthetically with other kitchen design elements.

Christina and her team highlight the sleek black glass and machined metals of the Minimalist and Statement collections by designing with textured wood elements, complementary textiles, unlacquered brass hardware and custom hoods. Appliances are installed both flush and proud to show variations.

Gerhard’s Appliances in Malvern, Pennsylvania

“We want to inspire consumers, as well as designers, and maybe intrigue them to try something new,” Christina says. “We really inform people, whether it’s training how to use the hearth oven to bake a perfect pizza or showing the difference between flush and proud installations. It gives them a hands-on experience.”

The showrooms have so far been met with high praise. Christina and her team have about 30 Monogram Experience Displays in the works with another 100 planned this year. Designers, specifically, appreciate the experience showrooms because they want somewhere to take their clients, to discuss options and envision the end result.

Designer Christina Reed

“More and more, designers have started specifying Monogram and holding events in our spaces,” Christina says. “They’re grateful to have a place to bring their clients, and their clients appreciate the hands-on experience.”

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  One thought on “New Monogram Showrooms Incite Creativity and Conversation

  1. Danny
    December 11, 2020 at 8:55 pm

    I love this kitchen design. I’d like more information about the designer’s availability for hire?

    • December 13, 2020 at 6:17 pm

      This designer works for Monogram so she isn’t available to hire. So sorry!

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