Make Your Kitchen Stand Out With A One-Of-A-Kind Design

Monogram Booth at KBIS 2020 featuring SapienStone Arabescato porcelain backsplash. Photo by Jamie Padgett

Sleek, clean lines and unique modern designs are the hot topic of discussion among interior designers. With homeowners becoming more aware of the extensive array of design possibilities that encompass contemporary touches and distinctive styles, it is more important than ever to have a pulse on the latest industry happenings.

With Monogram appliances, it’s easy to add a sense of chicness to even the most subtle and simple designs. Each product is not only lustrous in looks, but the innovative technology within these appliances improves the kitchen’s overall capabilities and will add value to the home that will last long after they are installed.

One of our favorite combinations to truly exceed expectations and create a space that is unparalleled to any other room you’ve seen is by incorporating abstract art and robust pieces, such as SapienStone porcelain countertops paired alongside Monogram appliances.

Featuring SapienStone Pietra Grey on the countertops. Photo by Jamie Padgett

SapienStone is a top-of-the-line porcelain material that contains tremendous benefits beyond its apparent beauty. Although ultra-thin in composition, porcelain is one of, if not the most, durable countertop surfacing product on the market. It can withstand the impact or weight of heavy objects and will not chip, scratch or etch. In addition, it is stain and heat resistant so placing hot pans directly on surface or spilling a glass of wine can become worries of the past with these maintenance-free countertops!

An added bonus with SapienStone is the immense versatility of the product. Because of its strong and sturdy composure, SapienStone porcelain is a perfect material to incorporate into the home, beyond the kitchen or bathroom countertop. Add a marble-looking design to your fireplace, shower, coffee table, and more to create a cohesive design throughout the entire home. Oh, and did we mention that SapienStone countertops are UV-ray resistant? That’s right! SapienStone will not wilt, discolor or bubble in the sun, so it is the perfect material to integrate into your outdoor living space! Add your favorite design to the countertops or install flooring tiles near the pool for a safe and stylish outdoor living space.

Inspired to create a one-of-a-kind space? Check out SapienStone’s unique line of product offerings for your next design project or contact them today for any questions or inquiries you may have.

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