Designer Profile: Mary Kathryn Strong

The Louisville Monogram Experience Center (MEC) brings designers to Louisville, Kentucky, for two-day experiences to learn about Monogram, the design process, our appliances – and even cook with them! We interviewed each designer to learn a little more about their background and design experiences. Today we’re featuring Mary Kathryn Strong with Trey Strong Custom Homes and MK Strong Design based in Lubbock, Texas.

SRFD: How did you become interested in design?

Mary Kathryn: I have always paid attention to design even before I knew it would be my job. I used to listen to my grandmother talk about antiques and how she was always planning her next decorating scheme. She had an interior designer that she loved for many years and they would talk about different textiles, colors and interior styles. She taught me that if you love something like a piece of furniture or color, you can make it work for you and the rules are there aren’t any rules!

SRFD: Tell us about a recent project.

Mary Kathryn: One of my recent customers built a beautiful, traditional, two-story home. My style is probably a little more sleek than ornate, but they had huge, rare pieces of Baroque artwork they wanted all over the house. It was fun to incorporate them and have them against such clean and spacious backgrounds.

SRFD: A trend you’re excited about?

Mary Kathryn: New trends that aren’t really new … I’m glad color is coming back. I love a neutral house, but I need a little “pop’ here and there.

SRFD: A trend you’re over?

Mary Kathryn: I’m over all or nothing. I don’t like all grey or all taupe. Or all white. I like to mix and match the grey and tan. I think of it like jewelry. Gold and silver can be mixed and be timeless. I feel the same about a house.

SRFD: What did you learn during your Monogram experience.

Mary Kathryn: First of all, I thoroughly enjoyed my Monogram experience. I learned more than I could ever imagine about how a dishwasher works 🙂 I thought it was really cool to understand the technology behind refrigeration. The cooking experience with the chefs was a great lesson in heating your oven and pans before cooking. Most important, I am using Monogram on my next kitchen design project!


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