Get, and Stay, Ahead of the Tech Curve

Written by Paula Kennedy, CMKBD, with Timeless Kitchen Design


Just saw this post on Twitter this morning and it got me to thinking. If Ikea has invested in this segment that means the mass market will have easy affordable access. Increasing demand, expectation and cost competitiveness. 

My boyfriend visited the new store here in Seattle and mentioned they have a whole smart home area.


I posted this morning feeling a sense of urgency that we in the industry need to get up to speed quickly! And STAY ahead of this. I call it the #TargetEffect if IKEA and Home Depot are offering these products, that means homeowners of all economic background will have access. No longer can we say it’s just a trend, just for the wealthy, just for the tech geeks (myself included). Everyday you see new posts of manufacturers releasing new technology in their appliances. You should be following GE Appliances, Monogram and First Build if you aren’t already.

This isn’t just a segment in the Residential Design/Build industry that you can ignore or specialize in, this segment can’t be all-or-nothing. Unlike Feng Shui, LEED or Aging in Place, this has a broader reach that we ALL need to understand (you can debate me on this one but it’s a blog and I’m trying to stay focused and keep it short). I’ve been talking about the Jetson’s kitchen being our future, our future may be closer than you think!

51sKMra7OcL._SY346_A friend of mine is reading a book Thank You For Being Late that talks about the Age of Acceleration in many industries and specially in this category of technology in our daily lives.  You literally will see new inventions, technology and ideas everyday if you are connected online. The speed at which this is happening just multiplied x100!  We’re at The Tipping Point.

If the #TargetEffect doesn’t make sense, let me clarify. Fashion from the runway used to take a few years to hit the clothes racks at places like Target. TODAY, the distance between the runway and affordable fashion for all has been condensed to months not years. That affordable accessibility drives demand and expectation.

If you aren’t already playing with it in our own home, I would strongly urge you to do so.  Get Amazon‘s Alexa, or the iRobot floor vacuum, connected lights, home entry system, etc.

My motto is to #knowbeforetheyknow

One point of caution is that as demand drives more affordable options, we will need to remain diligent in our understanding of quality and meaningfulness. Tech for Tech Sake is not meaningful. It should enhance our lives and experiences.

Ciao for now!  #SeattleTechGeek

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