5 Tips For Setting Up the Perfect Spring Table

Entertaining in the spring can be a lovely way to throw off the gloom of winter. A great spring table is at the heart of a springtime gathering. It will boost the energy and spirits of guests just by looking at it. Here are five tips to set up the perfect spring table that will leave your guests delighted.

1. Show off seasonal produce.

A good spring soiree needs to exude a feeling of freshness. There’s no better way to do this than to highlight local, seasonal produce. Arrange fresh flowers purchased at a local farmer’s market. You could also make a display of seasonal fruit and herbs to use as a centerpiece. Lay a sprig of fresh rosemary on each plate along with a name.

2. Don’t forget that food and drink can be part of the display.

Arrange a crudité platter featuring spring vegetables and pepper the table with small bowls for other snacks. Set up a drink station, featuring a selection of infused waters featuring springtime favorites like citrus fruits and berries. This can be as pretty to look at as it is refreshing and delicious to drink. You can also make fancy spring ice cubes, by dropping a berry or a citrus slice or some herbs into your ice cube tray before filling with water.

3. Let guests help.

A good group activity can make your guests more engaged, so why not let them help with some of the decorations? Get a selection of fresh flowers and gather a collection of lovely vases. Then, let your guests create their own floral arrangements while mingling. This is a great activity while you’re occupied in the kitchen. It also lessens a bit of your workload. Let guests take home some of the creations at the end of the gathering, for a special memento of the event.

4. Keep it colorful.

Spring is a colorful awakening from the gray days of winter, and your spring table should be bursting with colorful energy. Take your inspiration from nature, with springy greens, bright citrus colors, and robin’s egg blue. It’s a good idea to use these colors as accent colors along with a more neutral palette. Stick with white or cream dishes, as these are generally the most flattering for food.

5. If dining outside, include weather-appropriate accents.

An outdoor party in the spring can be delightful, but it can also be a little tricky. One way to manage the unique temperature concerns that come with a springtime party is to include some decorative but functional accents. An umbrella to block the sun is a good idea earlier in the day. As the temperature drops down into the evening, it’s nice for guests to be able to easily grab a throw to cozy up with. A colorful throw on the back of each chair is a thoughtful way to anticipate the needs of your guests, but it also looks lovely and can be a part of your overall color scheme.

Jessica Kane is a writer for Silver Superstore, the online leader in silver flatware, gifts, replacement pieces and more!

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