Month: July 2016

DODLA 2016 Recap

Written by Greg Finnicum, Monogram Learning Manager


Ideafest 2016 was the theme at this year’s Dwell on Design event at the Los Angeles Convention Center last month. With over 300 exhibiting brands, 2000+ modern furnishings and products, and 271 speakers presenting at 96 sessions, all aspects of modern design ideas came to life at America’s largest design event. As part of the six-city modern design tour with Dwell and Monogram, the Monogram Modern Home was onsite during DODLA. The home hosted over 5,000 attendees at DODLA featuring Monogram Executive Chef Jon Liddell demonstrating his culinary magic on the new induction cooktop and Advantium Speedcook oven.


To step outside the kitchen, Resource Furniture was also on hand to transform both the Monogram Modern Home and the showroom floor with their modern and innovative space-saving wall bed systems, tables and seating … making every space an exciting and stylish multi-purpose room with the flick of a finger.


Woodworker and sculptor Greta de Parry was also featured at the show with her unique, elegant handcrafted designs.


What if you could change the art on your wall to match your mood? Electric Objects can let you change the art on your wall to whatever you find on the internet, or choose from their curated selections. Choose the art pieces from your iPhone and send your selections to your Electric Objects wall hardware.


Dwell on Design LA is a must for your 2017 planning!  See you next year!

NeoCon 2016

Written by Georgie Vetter, Product Specialist at the Chicago Monogram Design Center

Last month, the Merchandise Mart in Chicago held its annual designer exposition, NeoCon. NeoCon is one of the most recognized and attended trade shows in the industry. This year, more than 50,000 designers walked the halls of the Merchandise Mart viewing the latest and most innovative solutions in commercial design. NeoCon has remained focused on being at the forefront of changing commercial design and business trends.


The Monogram Design Center was buzzing throughout the three-day exposition, with many designers walking through showing a lot of interest in induction cooking. During NeoCon, the Monogram Design Center showcased Sous Vide cooking, a method of cooking in which food is sealed in air-tight plastic bags then placed in a temperature controlled water bath which brings meats, fish, and poultry to the perfect internal temperature each time. We also introduced designers to the new pizza oven, which will be making its debut in the Chicago Design Center later this fall. The Amazon Echo made an appearance during NeoCon. Designers were shown how Monogram appliances are able to be integrated within a smart home. The designers that came through were very intrigued by the pizza oven and expressed a lot of enthusiasm toward the new product. We know they are looking forward to seeing it in person!

On the Tuesday of NeoCon week, Sheri Gold, National Showroom Manager, presented a CEU to a group of designers on how to grow their business through social media. The Social Media CEU offers in-depth explanations of four social media platforms (Twitter, Houzz, Instagram and Pinterest) and how best to use them within the design world. The CEU also provides a brief overview of Hootsuite, Periscope and Snapchat. During the CEU, we had a panel that included Julie McCrary, Social Media Manager for White Good; Monogram Lead Product Specialist Christina Dragota; and Monogram Product Specialist Georgie Vetter to provide their input during the presentation.

Overall, NeoCon was a great week for the Monogram Design Center. We were able to make many new designer contacts and enjoyed being able to give more information on Monogram appliances and what we are doing next.


Your New Home Came with an Advantium Speedcook Oven in the Kitchen. Now What?

Written by Susan Cozzi, Manager of the Monogram Design Center in New York City

Like most homeowners at Lennar’s boutique waterfront condo, The Avenue Collection on the Hudson River, chances are you one-touched the reheat button for warming up a dinner and also made popcorn and tea in your Advantium.

To answer the question, the team at the New York Monogram Design Center thought—our chef, your kitchen—let’s have dinner. So Monogram partnered with Lennar to offer its homeowners an onsite chef demonstration dedicated to using Advantium, all while taking in a great view of the New York City skyline.


Monogram Executive Chef Michael and Chef Carl ensured that the menu for the evening covered all of Advantium’s special cooking features. Appetizers started with avocado toast as guests were surprised to find their “microwave” could also toast all their favorites in the morning.


Next, the Cajun marinated prawns with grit cakes were speedcooked to perfection. The door was now opened to all the possibilities for fast, healthy dinners, and lots of notes and tips were taken.


The next speedcooked entree was lamb chops served with ratatouille. Now the conversation got good as guests savored lamb perfectly browned and were surprised at Advantium’s versatility and skill in also cooking the vegetables gently. Owners learned they could also keep their dinner plates or dinner warming by using the warming drawer feature.


Baked apricots with rum and vanilla whipped crème fraiche demonstrated the convection oven baking function in Advantium and showed the value of being able to bake a full dessert without having to turn on a full-sized oven.

Since much of the joy of cooking comes from the process of learning something new, these new homeowners enjoyed the Monogram team stepping in their door and showing them the possibilities.

See more photos of this new community that was once vacant land:

A “Pin-worthy” Production – from Storyboard to Social Media

Written by Molly Ford, Monogram Experience Center intern

I recently observed as GE Appliance’s user experience team attacked one of a food-lovers’ greatest challenges – creating food that looks as good as it tastes. Our “office” at the Monogram Experience Center in Louisville, KY, was taken over by a fascinating team that spent their workday preparing, arranging and shooting dishes for the GE Appliances website, Pinterest page and other social media outlets. The journey from inspiration board, to story board, to cutting board, was quite the production.

Reciple shoot 1

In the weeks prior to the shoot, photos of bright colors, contrasting textures, and refreshing ingredients filled the team’s summer recipe inspiration board. With the goal of creating photogenic foods, they decided on a menu featuring Blackberry-Raspberry Coconut Pops, Grilled Sweet Potato and Corn Salad, and Spicy Shrimp and Avocado Dip, among other light and savory recipes. Everyone knows that no food shoot is complete without the appeal of melted cheese, so accordingly, Fig & Prosciutto Pizza and Roasted Vegetable & Chicken Enchiladas served as the decided main course.

Reciple shoot 2

As in any efficient production, story boards were drawn to ensure that every step in the process was captured at the right moment, from the optimal angle. The menu collaborated with appliance features, to highlight how GE Appliances and Monogram not only produce amazing food, but also facilitate a love for the process of cooking. No logistical piece was overlooked – sliding racks, temperature settings and door features all played roles as the story boards followed the recipe’s progression.

reciple shoot 3

Once to the cutting board with the big picture in place and cameras shooting, the team focused on ensuring every detail was carried out perfectly. While the shoot was meticulously planned, down to the degree, the team came prepared to solve issues that arose during the shoot. Several members of the team worked simply as “runners,” to fetch another light board, a different colored bowl, or additional fresh herbs. The team’s biggest challenge, however, was holding off on digging in to their creations until every perfect arrangement and angle had been captured!

Reciple shoot 4

As I tasted the starring recipes at the end of the day, I deemed the photo shoot to be a success, but you will have to be the ultimate judges.  Head over to the GE Appliances website, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest sites to get inspired and test out these summer recipes!