Introducing Graphite Finish for Monogram Appliances

Kitchen design is changing. From cool contemporary design accented by stainless steel, today’s kitchens are now the warm and inviting hubs of the modern home. Inspired by the possibilities, we introduced a new Graphite finish for Monogram Professional appliances – a sophisticated new look for refined kitchens that are extensions of the living and entertaining space.

Much more than a simple finish option, Graphite is the meeting point of GE’s eye for design and its commitment to the cutting edge. The first finish designed for Monogram, Graphite finish lends warmth and richness to the kitchen, properly accenting a variety of design and color palettes. It also balances the need for everyday durability with the desire for high-end luxury through the Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) manufacturing process, in which robust titanium material is vaporized into atomic particles and then layered atop stainless steel, creating an uncommonly strong, scratch-resistant surface. PVD is used across industries—from aerospace to automotive design to medical devices—but Graphite marks a first for its use to finish kitchen appliances.

Graphite_kitchen shot

Introducing a new Graphite finish for Monogram Professional appliances, a sophisticated new look for refined kitchens that are extensions of the living and entertaining space.

“Graphite is the result of extensive development—we wanted a logical succession from the common stainless steel finish as kitchens become more inviting spaces where people gather and socialize,” said Michael Mahan, general manager for Monogram. “We sought warmth, we sought sophistication, and we sought something that hasn’t been seen before. We tested Graphite against several other options we developed, presenting each to top design talent—it was the overwhelming favorite.”

Graphite was developed in part through collaboration with FirstBuild, a Louisville-based community and microfactory that takes advantage of advanced manufacturing techniques and rapid prototyping to bring innovative ideas to life at lightning speed. Combined with GE’s lean manufacturing framework, Graphite was brought from idea to reality in unprecedented time.

“What we’ve achieved with Graphite is the ultimate blend of aesthetic beauty with the functionality that kitchens demand,” Mahan added.

A suite of Monogram Professional appliances is now available for custom order in the Graphite finish; each Graphite appliance is the result of dedicated hand craftsmanship, made to order for the discerning consumer.

Graphite_built-in refrigerator

Monogram Graphite built-in refrigerator


Monogram Graphite dishwasher

Graphite_double wall ovens

Monogram Graphite double wall ovens


Monogram Graphite hood


Monogram Graphite range

Graphite_wall oven

Monogram Graphite wall oven

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