Clever kitchen storage

Photo1Photo2I love clever kitchen storage. Clearly I am not the only one. There is an entire Pinterest board devoted to Clever Kitchen Storage. Unique ways to hide trash cans or spices; ergonomic solutions to store pots and pans; aha moments of inspiration to use a seemingly wasted space for something much more useful.

It is the perfect marriage of form and function. Lovely kitchens want to show off their cabinets and countertops. They don’t necessarily want to show of the vast array of small electronics and overflowing containers of utensils. If you have taken the time and money to get the kitchen of your dreams, don’t turn it into a nightmare because you didn’t think through some of these small storage details.

There is Clever Kitchen Storage to fit any Kitchen Design budget. The Home Depot or Lowe’s have great offerings for the do-it-yourself types. For kitchens incorporating custom cabinets, they are an open canvas to incorporate (or copy) storage ideas. Luckily, there are hundreds of pictures on-line to research. Stores like California Closets or The Container Store can give you inspiration as well.

Photo3Photo4Photo5Things to think about: How often do you use that stand mixer? Can it be hidden somewhere? How about your spices? Wouldn’t it be nice if they were lined up uniformly (and possible alphabetically)? What about ergonomics? Can slide out shelves help you in accessing heavy pots and pans?

What about this picture of the pull out dog dishes? Now that is clever!


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