KBIS 2015 Recap: KOHLER

An exciting event for companies and individuals involved in the design world is the annual Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS), which was held in Las Vegas this year. In addition to introducing new Monogram products to designers in our own booth, we took the opportunity to check out other booths for trends, highlights, and new products. One product that we were very impressed with is the KOHLER Choreograph shower wall and accessory collection – which is a shower system that allows you to design a shower around your needs. This was a hot new item at KBIS 2015, and a brand new product offering by KOHLER.

From KOHLER.com

Image from KOHLER

Typically, tub surrounds and one-piece shower systems tend to be basic and lack features. Thanks to KOHLER’s Choreograph collection, however, your shower can be customized to create a beautiful and well-organized system that works ideally for you. Choreograph still has the efficiencies and convenience of a one-piece shower surround – such as low daily maintenance because of the lack of grout lines to clean – yet in a much more stylized manner. With the many color patterns and designs available for the wall panels and accessories, it’s easy to create a shower that fits your functional and aesthetic requirements. A unique element of the Choreograph collection is the ability to select wall accessories (known as “lockers”) to accommodate the products your family uses regularly. With various sizes available, even the jumbo bottles now have a place in the shower! There are quite a few options for shelving and storage, and you can even create a shower system such that each family member has their own locker.

In short, the KOHLER Choreograph shower wall and accessory collection is highly functional and high-style. The response in the booth was very positive and our friends at Kohler were kept busy providing overviews of the collection to groups of 25 designers, architects and builders at a time. Can’t wait to see what they show next year!

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