Interview with Alison Ray

Recently we interviewed Alison Ray, founder and editor of Sassy Moms in the City, about her experience shopping for GE appliances and visiting the Monogram Design Center in Chicago, Illinois.

Alison Ray, Founder and Editor of Sassy Moms in the City

Alison Ray, Founder and Editor of Sassy Moms in the City

SRFD: How many years in your business?

Alison: 15 year career as a meeting and event planner, five years as Editor and Founder of Sassy Moms in the City.

SRFD: You have GE Profile appliances in your current home. How long have you been a GE customer?

Alison: Over 10 years! We recently upgraded our kitchen and installed a GE Profile Refrigerator, GE Convection Microwave and GE Range.

SRFD: How was your purchase experience, and where did you buy the appliances?

Alison: We did a great deal of research, especially on refrigerators. At the end of the day we trust GE, and all the appliances we needed had the features we wanted. The refrigerator features like hands free auto-fill is my favorite, and the convection roast on the range has exceeded our expectations. I’m so dependent on both that I can’t imagine how I managed before. We purchased at ABT and received a fantastic rebate, which was another incentive to purchase all GE.

SRFD: How has the performance experience been for you?

Alison: Incredible! I cook everyday and that is no exaggeration. It’s the details like the tri-ring burner, warming drawer and convection microwave that put GE at the top. These details at this price point make it accessible. I feel like I have a chef’s kitchen.

SRFD: Regarding your new home, you stopped by the GE Monogram Design Center at the Merchandise Mart. What made you interested in the Monogram line?

Alison: Because of our GE loyalty, Monogram was at the top of our list for our new home. Before meeting with ABT and Grand Appliances, we wanted to see all the products so we stopped by the showroom. A friend recently built a new home and purchased GE Monogram so she suggested we visit too. I immediately fell in love – especially with the Advantium. We did more research, and even after meeting with the appliance store, have decided GE Monogram will make our dream kitchen a reality.

SRFD: Tell us about your experience to the Monogram Design Center.

Alison: Enlightening and informative for sure. We made an appointment with Alex who took us through each product. She spent a great deal of time answering our questions and how each appliance worked. Her final recommendation was to come back for a chefs demo to get an even better understanding of the products. This is such a great idea and a benefit of GE Monogram. I’m signed up for a demo next week and can’t wait. Seeing everything in a showroom is so different than an appliance store. It can be overwhelming shopping and stores don’t have all the items on the floor for each brand. I highly recommend anyone considering new appliances stop by the showroom before purchasing.

SRFD: Why are you a Monogram fan?

Alison: There are so many reasons for selecting Monogram. Here are just a few:

  1. My husband is adamant about purchasing the free standing side by side refrigerator.
  2. For me it’s all about the Advantium speed cooker – this has to be in my new kitchen. The range is beautiful, offering features like reversible burner grates (that can also be cleaned in the oven!!), a stainless steel griddle (not Teflon), and 18,000 BTU burners. We can’t wait!


  One thought on “Interview with Alison Ray

  1. January 14, 2015 at 12:27 pm

    Thanks for featuring me! We are so excited to have GE Monogram in our dream kitchen!!

    • January 14, 2015 at 7:24 pm

      We enjoy working with you, Alison, and can’t wait to see your dream kitchen!

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