Steffen Kitchen Remodel December Update

As you may remember, we’re following along with Martin Spicuzza from Studio Spicuzza on the Steffen kitchen remodel project in Arlington Heights, a northwest Chicago suburb. To see the progress so far, read our earlier blogs: October and November.

“I made a visit to the Steffen residence on Wednesday, December 11, to look at the progress made since just before Thanksgiving and also to meet with the stone fabricator, cabinet installer, contractor, and of course, the Steffens. The new Travertine floor was installed, which looks beautiful in the Versailles pattern. It took a bit longer as the client wanted Nuheat installed under the tiles, which they’ll enjoy  when the winter weather sets in. Now that the floor is done, our Neff cabinet installer can finish his installation of the kitchen and great room fireplace surround. Our hope is that by the middle of next week he will be done, then the counter tops can go in
and be completed by week’s end. The GE Monogram appliances are scheduled for delivery on Tuesday, December 16th.


WP_20141210_10_34_57_Pro WP_20141210_10_30_16_Pro WP_20141210_10_08_21_Pro

We’re cutting it close for completing everything by Christmas as we’ll still need to install backsplashes, light fixtures and final wall finishes. Everyone is working feverishly to get things done, yet we need to make sure the high standards of quality workmanship are maintained and that there are no mistakes made.

That being said, we are hopeful the Steffens will at least have a working kitchen in case they want to bake some cookies for Santa.”


WP_20141210_10_07_51_Pro WP_20141210_10_07_24_Pro WP_20141210_10_07_01_Pro


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