NKBA 30 under 30 designer profile: Lauren Lawless

In July, the GE Monogram Experience Center in Louisville, Kentucky, hosted the National Kitchen & Bath Association’s 30 under 30 designers. These designers were nominated by their peers and have already shown impressive results in their careers. And they are a lot of fun!

We interviewed each designer to learn a little more about their background and design experiences so far. Today’s profile highlights Lauren Lawless from Delaware.


Lauren Lawless, NKBA 30 under 30 designer

Lauren Lawless, NKBA 30 under 30 designer


SRFD: How did you become interested in design?

Lauren: I have always been interested in design, particularly by the historic architecture in my local community. As a child I would love exploring old buildings and seeing how they were being fixed up. I suppose they were my introduction to the world of design.

SRFD: Tell us about a recent project you really enjoyed  

Lauren: Recently I created some drawings for a beautiful new townhouse. It was super challenging to draw because the kitchen was laid out in a really unique way. Due to some structural issues, some of the cabinetry had to be specifically engineered for the space. For example, the house had a large support column smack in the middle of the kitchen, and my boss and the construction team had to create an island to fit around it and somehow combine the column into the design when it was in a really awkward spot in the house. It was a really great experience in working around design obstacles.

SRFD: A trend you’re over?

Lauren: Grey cabinetry. I tend to be very cautious whenever colored cabinetry is trending, because you know in a few years that color will be out of style and your kitchen will look dated. I like neutral palettes on kitchen cabinetry because that way they are always classic. You can still work with color trends by adding pops of color with your decor and it will never clash, no matter what the color trend is.

SRFD: A trend you’re excited about?

Lauren: I see a lot of retro-styled appliances coming back. I love the look and think it’s a really fun trend that can give your kitchen an extra bit of fun and personality.

SRFD: What did you learn in Louisville?

Lauren: I learned all about GE and their company, which has a pretty fascinating history. I had no idea that GE was changing from an outsourcing company to making everything in house. Being able to say something is made in America is almost as good a selling point as the appliance features.

Most importantly, I learned some valuable cooking skills that I can’t wait to try in my own kitchen!

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