I am not a blogger. I’m sure you’ll figure that out fast enough though.

I confess… my husband, John the workaholic but oh such a great guy, and I built a house 5 years ago and we did not, I repeat did not, enlist the help of a designer. We had a builder. We had an architect. And we had me (oh, and John).   Big mistake, BIG mistake. You know, like the one made by the ladies on Rodeo Drive who wouldn’t sell Vivian a dress… Pretty Woman, I love that movie.

I made some great choices.



Check out the wall color in our living room…. it’s called pizza pie. I love paint color names almost as much I love nail polish names. I’m donning Taupeless Beach on my nails today by the way. And the fireplace tile matches really, really well!



I LOVE my bright green front doors too. I’m not sure all my neighbors agree with me on this, but it makes me happy every time I look at them.

The Kitchen. Oh boy where do I start?



It looks pretty awesome from afar.



I know I gave the builder (and the architect) the specs on my fabulous-makes-me-feel-like-a-chef-pro-range. At least I think I did. The cabinets should have been deeper so the front of my fabulous-makes-me-feel-like-a-chef-pro-range would have been flush with them. See how it sticks out?



Did I mention cabinets? Hello. When I open this cabinet all the way, it hits my fabulous-makes-me-feel-like-a-chef-pro-range. I fixed it with a little plastic thing-y, but this makes me sad every time it happens.

The Island. I do remember the architect asking me if I was sure I wanted a wood block top for my island. I said, “of course I’m sure! I saw one just like it in a magazine”. He said, “You know it will be just like a table. Are you sure you don’t want butcher block?” Huh? Now I know what he meant. I love to cook.   I really do. I love to chop and dice and mince things. I love to pretend I am hosting my own cooking show. Oops, I probably shouldn’t have confessed to that.   Have I mentioned my daughters? I am the proud momma of Georgie (don’t you just love that name? She’s named after my dear grandfather, George Fisher, may he rest in peace) and Kelly Jo (yes, Kelly, we love your name too – I promise!). I’m sure they think I am seriously weird when I pretend I am hosting my own cooking show. OK back to my island top.   I also think it is too dark. And the prep sink is way too small. I can’t even fit a colander in it.



See what I mean? Notice the scratches on the edge? I know, I know… wood block top is just like a table.

I’m thinking about what material and what color to swap the top for. John says silestone (whatever that is). I say marble. John says marble is too soft. He’s probably right.

So here I go again… Designer-less. Maybe I need to find a designer. Ya think?



  One thought on “Designer-less

  1. mark sommers
    July 25, 2014 at 6:20 am

    beautiful home…John should have chosen the island top! 🙂

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