The Kitchen Chandelier


36” Wall-Mounted Vent Hood

While we all agree that every kitchen needs to have some sort of venting option, there are many of us who think of it as a necessary evil: something to get rid of smoke, fumes, odors and steam, but in a loud, industrial way.


Let’s think of this in a different way. Your kitchen’s venting choice can really be a bold design statement; consider it to be The Kitchen Chandelier. The perfect marriage of form with function.


There are gorgeous options to choose from, many combining stainless steel with glass, in shapes that can be the oomph to top off your kitchen’s look. The lighting can be more than task lights to brighten up your cooktop. The lights can be lovely twinkle LEDs that double as your kitchen’s night light or just the right amount of light to set the mood for a quiet dinner.


The Kitchen Studio at Bourbon Barrel Foods in Louisville, Kentucky

The Kitchen Studio at Bourbon Barrel Foods in Louisville, Kentucky


We’ve even heard of one designer who took the Monogram ZV541SHSS model and centered it over a billiard table, perfectly illuminating the pool table while venting out cigar smoke. Now that’s truly combining form with function!


For those who want their venting to be totally integrated into their kitchen cabinetry design, there are custom hood inserts that complete this job.


Remember, venting doesn’t have to be a noisy annoyance. It can be a lovely accessory or centerpiece to your beautiful kitchen. For more ideas, look here.

  One thought on “The Kitchen Chandelier

  1. Gail Marcus
    July 25, 2014 at 4:24 pm

    is there a microwave above the range that can remove all the exhaust fumes? I used to have a glass shield when I had my microwave and it was perfect. Cannot find this anywhere .

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