Trends in the Housing Industry – Part 2

Homes are becoming more livable, thanks to advances in technology and design. No matter their age, abilities or limitations, consumers are finding home furnishings and appliances that fit their unique needs and make navigating the home easier. This concept of Universal Design is something that should always be remembered when dealing with any customer, as Universal Design is just plain good design.


Installation Considerations

Installation is another opportunity for builders to play an active role in Universal Design.


  • A pull-out counter beneath a built-in single wall oven to enable easy transfer of dishes
  • An elevated dishwasher to reduce bending and improve access for people with limited mobility


GE Monogram ADA compliant dishwasher

GE Monogram ADA compliant dishwasher


  • Cooktops with knee space underneath to enable someone to cook while sitting
  • An adjustable-height sink that can raise and lower with the push of a button
  • Roll-out shelves make it easier to see and reach items stored in lower cabinets
  • A contrasting tile border aids those with limited eyesight and adds visual appeal


The more that is known about Universal Design, the more builders and designers realize there is to learn about it. At GE, Universal Design is about learning what makes consumers feel most comfortable in their home through research and testing, and converting that learning into technologies that lead to better design for all people.

Product Showcase

Examples of GE technology supporting Universal Design at work in the home include:


  • Refrigerators: The new GE Profile side-by-side and French-door bottom-freezer refrigerators, offer bright interiors illuminated by light-emitting diodes (LEDs), adjustable and see-through bins, and upfront controls; bottom-freezer units provide easy access to the fresh-food section.
  • Wall Ovens: The GE Profile single-double wall oven is two ovens in one, meaning shorter door heights and less of a reach when adding or removing the oven’s contents.
  • Ranges: The GE Profile free-standing double-oven range has a smaller upper oven that requires minimal bending for loading.
  • Cooktops: On the GE Profile induction cooktop, unused portions of the burner and surrounding areas do not get hot, meaning that spills do not cook on, and consumers are much less likely to burn themselves.
  • Dishwashers: GE offers dishwasher models with a single-rack wash feature that enables consumers to avoid bending by using only the top rack for everyday cleaning, while still having the lower rack for larger dish loads.


GE frontload laundry pair

GE Profile frontload laundry pair

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