Building a kitchen? You still need to eat.

Kitchen remodels are not the fastest of home projects. They can take weeks, even months, to complete. This is why one of the first things you need to do is to get with your builder or contractor and figure out where you are going to locate your temporary kitchen.


This is not a time to worry about the aesthetics of what this temporary kitchen looks like or where it is located (garage, basement, hallway…). This is about functionality. This is about maintaining family harmony and your sanity.


Greg and Alison Brown

7th House on the Left – Greg and Alison Brown


At a minimum, you’ll need a refrigerator. If you are replacing your current refrigerator with a new one, use the old one! Your builder can haul it away during the punch list phase. Close to the refrigerator, you will want your coffee pot. No need to go cold-turkey just because your home is practically a construction zone.

Next, think about having a microwave and possibly a small single burner cooktop. There are some nice, safe ones out there…much more than what a Bunsen burner can do.


7th House on the Left - Greg and Alison Brown

7th House on the Left – Greg and Alison Brown


For those that have outdoor grills, take full advantage of that grill and learn how to make new and different foods. Have you ever tried to cook a pizza on a grill? Grilled sandwiches? Bake a pie? The possibilities are endless.


During a kitchen project, going out to eat day after day becomes a drag on your psyche, your waistline, and your kitchen budget. Plan to have a temporary kitchen to handle simple meals, or at a minimum, keep food and drink staples in the house.

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